A little throwback to days gone by when travel was a thing for us and we had insane fun road tripping through the @eyrepeninsula

We’re still stuck in a fairly hardcore lockdown in Melbourne, more than 300 days of watching the world travel around. Hopefully this is us shortly but for now, we’ll just reminisce on our travels through South Australia

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Remember that time the full moon rose above the Ponte Vecchio in Florence just as a old boat paddled it’s way across the Arno River just at golden hour?

We do.

Shot on @fujifilmx_au

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Still one of my favourite photos.

Story time - a 4am hike up Pedra Bonita mountain in Rio De Janeiro in pitch black led us to the foothills of Christo de rendetor.

What followed was something we will never forget- a thunderstorm right above that seemed so Greek mythology like that we assumed Zeus himself would descended from above.

A morning hike I’ll never forget

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Have you ever been to the Redwood forest in the great Otway National park?

Besides Hopetoun falls this was a next favourite destination along the great ocean road.

Post lockdown make sure you get here and support the local tourism industry and businesses around the Otway region 🤙

Hope everyone is doing ok during “lockdown”..reach out to a friend for a chat, or a shoulder to cry on 👋

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Our most recent trip to the #greatoceanroad a few weeks ago road trippin around this incredibly beautiful part of Victoria!

There are so many places to see in this part of our beautiful state, aside from the great ocean road, theres the Californian redwood forest, dozens of waterfalls, the 12 apostles and the shipwreck coast.

This is a long exposure I took of Hopetoun Falls, 100% our favourite waterfall in Victoria, luscious ferns and natural beauty everywhere you look!

What’s your favourite waterfall in Victoria? Have you been to Hopetoun falls?

Shot using the @fujifilmx_au XT2 long exposure

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