Are you ready to build your dream digital income? This masterclass changed the way we looked at online business forever!

Hey! We’re Chris & Laura


Our lives looked a lot different a couple years ago than what they look like today. From working 14 hour night-shifts & 12 hour days in customer service and health care roles, we knew there was more to life. Having travelled the world for a year, we came back knowing our lives needed a drastic overhaul.

So we got serious about creating the kind of life we had always wanted, invested into ourselves and created an online business that gave us back our time.

How did we make this our reality? Well, we came across an amazing Australian couple (online of course!) called Jade & Kev. After seeing the incredible life they had created for themselves and following along on their business journey , we decided to finally take a leap of our own into the online space! We knew it was time to get some guidance and training on creating exactly what we wanted. Which is a digital biz that can be run from home, whilst travelling, or even in the midst of a pandemic!



We had tried digital business’s in the past and none of them quite delivered on their promises, many of them leaving us with more questions than answers. But after finding the RIGHT online business model for us (Freedom Affiliate) we finally had the answers!

Within a month of marketing we had made our first couple thousand dollars…! We’re talking making money literally while we were sleeping and even on a trip down the Great Ocean Road, when we hadn’t even opened our lap tops or checked our phones. Fast forward to now and we are all about a life that allows us time, location and financial freedom.


Get your precious time back!

You’ll learn exactly how to automate your business, so you can stop trading time for dollars! Do the work once and continue to earn. Plus the 3 steps that make up a “Time Freedom Framework”

Start Replacing Your income with an Online Business

Learn the 6 mistakes you need to be aware of (or might even be already making) that can stop you from ever earning a dollar online

Going digital can create the dream life you have always wanted

Learn the digital affiliate skills to create an online income that feels great! Plus allows you to work wherever & whenever you want. Start experiencing time, location and financial freedom.

The digital framework (explained in the masterclass & the program offered after the free class) remove all the fluff and BS that tends to come with online training. This ACTUALLY gave us a step by step process on how we could begin our own online business that felt right for us. It’s designed for everyday people to create an income that gives us back our time!

Carve out 60 minutes of your time for the free masterclass, it’s life changing!

This masterclass was a serious eye opener and gave us a glance into what owning an affiliate business could create for us. It showed us the proven business model that can teach you how to cultivate an incredible digital income that feels right for you! Everyone talks about the lap top lifestyle but no one ever seems to give a straight to the point easy to follow program for it. But this is EXACTLY what this masterclass will show you!